You can send several commands to your phone. 

Open "Commands" tab on your account and select the command which you want to send to the phone. Also, you can send SMS with these commands.

Surround Recording

Hidden audio recording via the built-in mic. You can select a duration of the recording and stop it anytime.

Switch on Wi-Fi / Switch off Wi-Fi

Enables or disables Wi-fi connection.

Switch on Mobile Data / Switch off Mobile Data

Enables or disables the Internet connection of current cellular provider.

Unset PIN and unlock the phone

If the phone is locked by PIN or password, this will remove this PIN and unlock the phone.

Silently take pics during calls

After sending this command the phone will silently take pictures during calls and save it in your account.

Disable/Enable call recording

If you have any troubles while calling you can disable this feature.

Change audio-source for call recording (optionally Default audio source, Microphone, Voice call)

If you have any issues with the voice recording/environmental recording, please use this command along with available options.

Send files using WiFi only

This command enforces file transfers only when your device connected to a wireless network.